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Are you wondering if your business is vulnerable to Cyber-attacks, and Ransomware issues like the ones showing up in the news headlines on a regular basis?

Are you confident about how you're managing your remote employees or making policies about employees use of their own technology while they're on the job? 

Schedule a quick conversation with us! We can provide insight for the typical IT vulnerabilities businesses are facing today and offer guidance on any immediate risks you may be facing.

Here are a few of the questions we'll ask during our conversation:

1. Do you currently have employees working remotely? Are they using private devices?


2. Are you protected from cyber-crime (using reliable antivirus programs, receiving the latest software updates, patches, cloud protection, and compliant with regulations in your use of technology)


3. Do you have a firewall that is up-to-date and can handle your network demands?


4. Have you incorporated a VPN?


5. Do you have a reliable, redundant, and verified backup protocol?


6. How many of your computers are older than 7 years?


7. Where do you believe you are the most vulnerable related to your business IT environment, and do you have any immediate issues?

8. Do you have the necessary equipment and an in-house team to handle your IT needs?

If your business has not had a professional IT assessment within the last 12 months, please contact us today!

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