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The FREE Consultation is to help you understand your IT environment, learn about vulnerabilities, and receive suggestions for improvement.

There are no strings attached, no obligations! We're providing our experience and expertise. By asking the right questions, we will be able to provide the details you need to understand the health of your IT environment. We will also advise on the best practices you should have in place to keep it healthy and improve it.

Here are some examples of the questions we may ask:

  • Do you have a process for regularly checking for and applying updates, new patches, installing the latest software versions, etc.?
  • What anti-virus, malware protection software is being used?
  • What are your Backup procedures?
  • Do you have a firewall?
  • How does your organization use the Internet for business objectives (internally for employee needs and externally to engage existing and potential clients)?
  • Do you use a server and how many computers are connected to it?
  • What do you use for email delivery?
  • And so on.....
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