Live Webinar

Top 5 Staff Complaints

About Phone Systems

and what you can do about them


DISCUSSION: The top 5, staff requested features that lead to upgrading business telephone systems will be featured along with the most common solutions to fix them.  

Based on our experience, there are common, staff driven, situations that drive businesses to move from legacy phone systems to Switchvox. Find out what they are and compare them to your situation.

  • Is your staff often complaining about your business phones?
  • Could they operate more efficiently if you made a change?
  • Are there problems you're not even aware of?

LIVE Q & A: Within our discussion is the opportunity to ask your own questions. Get inspired by the features we mention and get specific answers about your needs. Map your own path for deciding whether and when you should upgrade your business phone system.

Switchvox phone system

Live Webinar with Q &A

Friday, Sept 18th at 2pm CST

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Who Should Attend

If your answer is yes to any of the questions below, you will get value from this webinar

With all that's happening in the world today, having technology that allows your business to operate at peak efficiency has become critical to survival.

  • Does your staff often complain about problems with your phone system?
  • Is it difficult for you to get parts for your telephones  or get additional phones?
  • Are there features missing from your phone system, things you need it to do?
  • Is it cumbersome to program your phone system for managing messages and routing calls?
  • Does it pose challenges for employees working remotely?
  • Is it missing mobile applications,  soft phones on laptops, eFax capability, video conferencing solutions  and other innovations that drive critical communications?
  • Do you wonder what features might be available now that could improve customer service delivery and overall business efficiency?

When BIZFORCE is managing your phone system alongside your Managed IT Services you get a comprehensive solution protecting all of the technology that powers your business!

 “One Touch, One Solution…We take care of IT”